Wednesday, September 19, 2012

About book reviewing: A round-up

I realize that, since most of my book reviews are for books received from NetGalley, it may be difficult for some to believe that these books are really worth their money. First of all, let me explain something: when I choose a book to review from NetGalley, I do so because either I like the author or I like what the book is about, which means that most of the time I'm reading a book that I'm fairly certain I will like. It not always works out that way, but, as you may see in my blog, most of the time it does.

I try to be honest in all my reviews, try to, as bad as a book may have been, look for something positive because, let's face it, sometimes a book appears to be terrible, but almost always they have a redeeming quality. Now, out of all the books I have read in the past months, there a few that stand out as amazing for me, so much so that I'm buying them either to read again or to give as a gift; books that I have gone to great lengths to recommend because I think they are worth reading and sharing. And here they are:



Submerged (not from NetGalley, but from the publishers)

As you can see, only one book of fiction has made it to this list. I have read quite a few that are actually pretty good, but Submerged stands out above them all. All of these books have been given to me in exchange of an honest review, and I'm more than grateful for that. If you have the chance and the time to read them, you are in for a great time, a wonderful read and a great growth in your knowledge of God, His Word and His will.

Before I go, I cannot leave out a great author that has become my favorite fiction writer: Vannetta Chapman. The books I've read by her (A Simple Amish Christmas, Falling to Pieces, A Perfect Square) have been wonderful. I highly recommend this author. She really does write fiction full of grace.

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