Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Far and Away

For the last couple of months my mind has been blank. Completely blank; very far from here, very much away from the things I love to do, like reading and writing here. I read a couple of books during November, none in the month of December, and two in January, so far. And writing has not come smoothly for me. I have had a review in pieces waiting as a draft for the longest time, and I can't seem to grasp how to finish it. It's nothing out of the ordinary, and still I'm completely stagnant. And the thing is that that simple thing has made me put a halt on reading, because I now have about 5 books waiting to be reviewed and if I keep reading the list would only grow and make me feel even more stuck. It has been incredibly frustrating.

But now I'm back. After being so stuck, after a little health scare, an emergency surgery (for my niece), rumors of the world coming to an end, a tragedy in Connecticut, a new found love for The Big Bang Theory and baking, I'm back. Christmas was great, the world didn't end, my health is ok, my niece recuperated nicely, I can't get enough of The Big Bang Theory and I'm a little heavier from all the things that I've been cooking up in my kitchen. Yes, I'm still somewhat stuck, but I'm going  to pull through.
It's possible that the next review you read here will be a little off. Actually, this post is a little off, but this will be a great year, the posts will get better. There are quite a few books that I'm looking forward to read and review. We are in for great reading treats this year.

I'll be reading some new things, a few oldies (but, apparently, goodies. We'll see), and will be posting about my new found interests, maybe even share a few recipes. It's a very promising year. Of course, I'll need to unstuck myself first, but I'm there... almost.

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  1. I have nominated you for the Liebster blog award!