Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Choice, by Suzanne Woods Fisher

4/5 stars.
This made for a great read. I was surprised by the way the Amish were portrayed. The author does a great job by not painting a perfect picture; the Amish are not saints, they sin like us, they have doubts like us, they resent like we do, and sometimes it's hard for them to forgive, just like us.
Carrie irritated me a little bit by not being more proactive in her marriage, not asking the questions that needed to be asked, but that's the way she is. I loved Mattie's character and her wisdom, Abel and his freedom in the Lord, deacon Abraham and his sweetness, and many others. These are characters that stay with you for a little while after the story ends, which I love.
I will say this, though, the story is too fragmented from paragraph to paragraph; it just doesn't flow, for example: "One day, Carrie was washing the dishes..." And the following paragraph begins: "Another afternoon, Emma was making pies..." And so on.
The story kept me interested (it is actually a good one (hence, the 4 stars)), it has a few unexpected twists where I thought the story was going one way and it completely changed on me, so you're always wondering. However, I wish the author would've figure out a way to do this without having to kill off so many characters. Too many deaths if you ask me; I mean, so many deaths that it could've been called "Death Becomes Her" instead of "The Choice". Still, a very good read.

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