Friday, December 23, 2011

Nook loving and Hey, its Christmas!

I have to say, I love my Nook. Yes, I realize that maybe the Kindle is more popular, that the books are possibly cheaper and that there is a better selection, but, still, I love my Nook.
When I started navigating the very confusing waters of readers a couple of years ago, I wanted badly to buy the Nook. However, it was not available for Puerto Rico, where I live. Also not available for Puerto Rico at that time: the Kindle. I had to settle for the Sony reader which was not bad at all, but the touch screen had an incredible (but manageable) glare and the books were more expensive than its counterparts. But I cannot complain much. I fell in love with it and treasured it.
A few months later, the Kindle and the Nook were made available for Puerto Rico but it was too late for me. Fast-forward to November 2011. My Sony reader was giving me troubles. Each day it became more and more slow. Then, Best Buy, my favorite store (unpaid advertisement) had a great sale. Nook Simple Touch for only $79. Oh, yes. I got mine as an early Christmas present, and how I love it. It is a wonderful device. One of the best Christmas presents I have ever received (thanks, hubby!).
But I have to say, Christmas for me has never been about presents, although we exchange gifts every year. And I sure hope that it will never be about the presents for my 2 year old boy. Christmas is about remembering the One who gave me hope. The One who came to live life in perfect obedience, in righteousness to comply with God's law, as I cannot do it on my own. The One who came and gave his life so that I could be forgiven. The One who rose from the dead so that I could live and have hope, have peace and have freedom. I celebrate Jesus. He is the reason I am happy, fulfilled and very much blessed. Yes, I celebrate Jesus and I thank God that, in His mercy, He saved me. And it all began one beautiful, quite night in Bethlehem where the fate of humanity laid in the hands of a newborn.
Yes, I love my Nook, I love presents but this great and wonderful salvation is the greatest gift of all. Enjoy and be merry!

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