Monday, January 9, 2012

The really great, the great and the greatly confused

Just got back from my Christmas vacation. Two whole weeks with my husband and son just walking around, enjoying each others company and having a great time. Here, we celebrate from December 24 Christmas Eve right up to Three Kings day in January 6, so there are lots of parties, get togethers, food, music, fireworks and fun to be had. And we had it all!
But now it's back to reality; back to work.
During my vacation I read the most beautiful Christmas novel, A Simple Amish Christmas, by Vannetta Chapman, which was excellent. Please, read the review. I highly recommend it.
I was also given the opportunity to review The Joy of Calvinism, by Greg Forster (Crossway publishing house), through NetGalley. This book will be out on February 29, 2012. I will be publishing my review as soon as I finish, but I can already say that it is a very good insight into what Calvinism really is.
Now, for the really confusing part of this post: I cannot figure out, not even if my life depended on it, how to add links on this page, but I don't want to add the address (you know, the No. I want to add the widget or logo from lets say Goodreads. It has been impossible! Not even when one of my goodreads and blog friends explained it to me in simple terms. There's no use. So be advised that for now this will remain a veeeeery simple blog, with none of the really cute stuff. I really am technically challenged.

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