Thursday, January 12, 2012

My definition of a good time

A good time is time well spent. Time well spent, for me, is spent with family and friends
My mornings start off pretty late, compare to others. I get up at 7:30am, pray, read my Bible, make myself a tall glass of warm chocolate milk (always with Bosco), and wake my son up at 8:30am. Everyday without fail, he asks for his father (who goes to work at 5:30am), and then I get him ready to take him to my parents' house (which is a few houses down) and then I get to work. I work from 9am to 5pm.
Those few (roughly 15 to 20 minutes) I spend alone with my son every morning are incredibly precious to me. We pray, we read a Bible verse, we laugh, we talk, we play. It is a great way to start my day, and a wonderfully great time.
My husband returns from work at 2:30pm. He picks up our son, and they come to pick me up together at 5pm. After that, we spend the next few hours together. Wherever my husband and I go, our son goes with us. We enjoy each others' company and can't wait to go out together, even if it is to the mall or the supermarket.
We also love our time spent with our family. We eat dinner at my parents' house, along with my sisters, my niece and my nephew. It's a loud and noisy dinnertime full with laughs and conversation. A good time indeed.
And last, but not least, time spent with the beautiful people from our church is a joy to us. We have meaningful conversations, a great Sunday worship, a wonderful Thursday night Bible study, and during the weekend, we enjoy playing dominoes, Uno, and "briscas" (don't know the word in English). We go out to eat, watch a movie, celebrate birthdays together, or just visit one another. Truly a great time.
Although I do enjoy some alone time and greatly appreciate it, my most memorable moments, those moments that have left a mark in my life, are the moments I have spent among the people who love me most and the people I love most in this world. Those are my good times.

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