Friday, January 20, 2012

A spotlight on author Virginia Smith

Virginia Smith is one of my favorite Christian fiction authors ever since I read Stuck in the Middle (Book #1 of the Sister to Sister series). She really is a great writer, meaning that her characters are well developed, and likable, the plots are well paced, well written, and well thought out and the Christian faith is nicely presented. She has written 12 Christian novels. Among them:

Stuck in the Middle (Sister to Sister 1): You can see my review on a previous post.
Age before Beauty (Sister to Sister 2)
Third Time's a Charm (Sister to Sister 3)
A Taste of Murder (The Classical Trio Series 1): It is a nicely written suspense novel. Although it is fairly predictable, it also is entertaining. It has suspense, but it is also lighthearted, and has a little bit of romance as well.
Murder at Eagle Summit (The Classical Trio Series 2)
Scent of Murder (The Classical Trio Series 3)
Murder by Mushroom

You can find more information on this wonderful author at
From this author, up next for me is reading Age before Beauty and Murder by Mushroom.

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